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Our Milestones

solarSathyabama University feels proud to have inaugurated the World’s Largest Solar Steam Cooking System on 1st of July, 2009 in the campus. At Sathyabama University, we have 110 concentrator dishes with an area of 1100 m2 (World’s largest installation in terms of the number of dishes and square metres of the reflecting concentrator dishes). These solar steam cooking systems were developed by M/s. Gadhia Solar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat.

A solar-powered kitchen consumes lesser power and time than a conventional kitchen and ensures that a meal is cooked in half-an-hour, whereas it may take one-and-a-half hour to cook the same using LPG. Unlike the LPG model, solar steam cooking system helps to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic. This kitchen, by replacing LPG with solar dishes, saves nearly Rs. 20 lakhs every year. Out of 365 days in a year, Tamilnadu experiences hot weather for 320 days and is ideal for tapping solar energy. Surplus power generated from these solar dishes can be used for heating water. Nearly Rs. 7.5 lakhs is spent for LPG every month for cooking food for the hostel residents. This cost is expected to come down by half. currently our university is doing more research works in the solar system.


femfest09_03Sathyabama University had its greatest privilege and pleasure to celebrate the extravaganza, FEMFEST’09 from 20 – 22 of February 2009. It was college carnival conducted “FOR THE GIRLS, BY THE GIRLS”. It was celebrated as a mark of the international women's day. Around 45 colleges from allover TamilNadu had participated and have won wonderful prizes worth Rs.5 lakh.

Sathyabama @ Guinness Book of Records

December 2002 witnessed the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) convention, ‘YUGAM-02’ conducted by the Sathyabama University, Chennai at their premises. The highlight of the event was the attempt to paint the ‘World’s Longest Painting’. Their efforts have been finally rewarded, when the Guinness World Records Ltd. announced that their attempt has been recognized and have been awarded the certificate.

The theme for the painting was given as – “Escalating from the Genesis - An Evolving Architecture”

The painting contained Architectural wonders that have evolved through the ages. A series of buildings over time was used to represent the evolution. Different places, different styles, different materials and different technologies that have evolved have been depicted in this painting. The participants were provided with pictures of 25-30 buildings in the time period. The 2235m of canvas was completely painted and it was scrutinized before being declared complete. This was followed by their appeal to the Guinness committee, which after much adieu has approved their painting genuine and valid of the honor. All their labors will be rewarded with the release of the next Guinness Book of World records, where their record will be put on print. The honor comes as yet another feather to the hat of the Sathyabama University.

UNIFEST 2002 - A Cultural Festival

Sathyabama University proudly hosted the ‘South Zone Inter-University Youth Festival’, which was organised by the Association of Indian Universities during 19th to 23rd December 2002. The cultural meet 'UNIFEST 02' comprised of various competitions in the field of music, dance, drama, fine arts. There are twenty two events in this category. A total of 28 universities from south zone of india participated in this festival. UNIFEST'02 brought together the students community and promoted mutual understanding,appreciation of language,tradition and culture of different linguistic regions of india. UNIFEST'02 characterized the symbol of india-UNITY IN DIVERSITY.